5 Creative Alternatives to Originality.ai

5 Creative Alternatives to Originality.ai

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Chat-GPT and other similar AI content generators are really making their presence known. Even grandparents of this generation are trying it out without having to call the kids for help. It’s not like those first days of using Messenger or using web cameras. As long as you can read and write, you can use Chat-GPT.

So, of course, with an AI content generator, there has to be an AI content detector or AI content checker—even the plagiarism detector sneaks its way in there. With Originality.ai becoming almost a household name next to ChatGPT, you would assume Originality.ai can’t be the only AI content detector out there.

Here at Mr. AI Detector

We give you a list of 5 AI detectors, checkers, finders, or whatever you like to call them, as alternatives to originality.ai.

With this whole AI trend being basically brand new, it can be a depending on how you look at it, it could be a blessing to some of us. For example, imagine being a high school student still? (if you are, you didn’t get any ideas from me). Homework really doesn’t exist anymore. You can literally tell Chat-GPT to write you an essay on anything. What absolutely blew my mind is, on top of writing the essay for you, you can tell it to, let’s say, write the essay in the style of Joe Rogan. The scary thing is, it does a very good job.

So for anyone who wants authentic human generated content, along comes the wave of The AI Content Detectors. Aside from Orighinality.ai, there seems to be only a handful of other options. But similar to AI content detecting, Plagiarism has long been an issue. The Plagiarism checkers have been a thing for quite a while, so hat were seeing is Plagiarism Checkers adding a AI Content Detector to their menu.

AI content Detectors, really only have one job. It’s laid out in plain text, Detect Artificially-Intelligent-generated, written content. Aside from that, at the moment, we can tell you, which AI Detectors are free, which ones aren’t, which ones have free trials, and which ones have user-friendly interfaces . It may seem like The AI Detector is only useful for academics and corporations, but anyone can benefit from using one to check the percentage of noticeable AI-generated content, before submitting it for review. You students didn’t get that idea from me 😉 . Alright, lets get into the 5 best alternatives to Originality.ai.

Edit: With all the extensions that are coming out, thanks to “Voice Control for Chat-GPT,” you can have a conversation with Chat-GPT, just as if you were having a conversation with a friend, or your mother, or even your dog. Anyone can use Chat-GPT if they are able to have a conversation, the need to know how to read and write is no longer necessary, although it is always recommended.

Turnitin Clickable Link BannerTurnitin

Educators frequently use this one to detect instances of copying in student work. Findings that are similar to those found in a large database of academic articles that are then highlighted. Turnitin also provides you with a score based on the degree to which your work is comparable to that of other people. Although Turnitin’s interface is straightforward, learning the ropes may take some time. To get pricing for Turnitin, you must contact sales ? 🤔 Which at that point is where I move on to the next contender.



We’ll use from here on out. Very similar to Turnitin, the focus here is on preventing copying. However, content creators and website proprietors will find Copyscape more useful for determining whether or not their work has been plagiarized. You enter your website name, and Copyscape will monitor it. You will receive a report if any of your material has been duplicated elsewhere online. There are a few extra features available, such as a banner that alerts visitors to your site about copying. Copyscape’s interface is functionally basic but effective.


After that, we have PlagScan. Similar to Turnitin and Copyscape, and is popular with educational institutions and businesses, but has some added benefits. PlagScan generates a customizable report that highlights instances of plagiarism and suggests ways to rectify the situation. It checks your content against billions of web pages and academic papers and gives you a detailed report as well as the percentage of originality. It also includes a grading system to show you how well your work fits scholastic requirements.

PlagScan plans start at $1/1000 words to $.50/1000 words, depending on the package. They also offer a free trial. The user interface of Plagscans minimalistic and contemporary, and it includes numerous images to aid in the interpretation of your report.


A user-friendly plagiarism checker. The simplicity of this instrument is its primary selling point. There’s a straightforward plagiarism detector that compares your work to a library of internet resources. Quetext checks your content against billions of web pages and gives you a comprehensive report on the plagiarized content and the percentage of originality. It’s got a free version with limited features and a premium version with advanced features.

However, Quetext stands out from the crowd thanks to its streamlined, intuitive design. It is simple to use and comprehend, even if you have never used a plagiarism checker before.


To begin, let’s use Grammarly. Spelling, syntax*, and punctuation are the focus of this resource. It checks your work for errors and offers suggestions for improvement. What sets Grammarly apart is its intelligent writing assistant, which provides feedback on not only spelling but also style and tone. Also, the design makes it simple to operate. Grammarly offers a limited free version and an upgraded version.

syntax | ˈsinˌtaks |
the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language: the syntax of English.
• a set of rules for or an analysis of the syntax of a language: generative syntax.
• the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax.

Originalioty.ai Clickable Link Banner

 And Just In Case You’re Not Satisfied…


As much as these were fun to test out, as far as AI content detection goes, I’m still going to stick with originality.ai. Grammarly, I’ll have to say is the runner-up for me. But for this list, originality.ai remains the undefeated champ.

Well, there you have it, people! There are five alternative choices of AI content detectors and plagiarizer checkers other than Originality.ai. Yet unless your teaching university or writing articles for a magazine (if those are even still a thing) this may have been for educational purposes. Would you go with anyone other than Mike Tyson when Mike was in his prime?


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